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Writing, editing and teaching.
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Present your business in the most captivating way.

I’m Julia Robinson, a journalist, copywriter and former research scientist based in Faversham, Kent.

I have written for popular science magazines, medical communications agencies, and the B2B press. I have also been copywriter for a national charity.

One of my passions is teaching, and I’ve done everything from stand-up science shows in primary schools to organising and delivering university-level courses. I was also a specialist tutor at the Miles Dyslexia Centre, Bangor University.

As a result of all this I am expert in communicating complex subjects in a straightforward way. But I can also add sparkle to more prosaic subjects. So if you need a blog, press release or advertorial written or want some help to write them effectively yourself, please get in touch.

In my spare time I play the French horn. Badly. Read my horn blog here.

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